So you’re a contractor…

Project CSI frequently adds to its contractor network with high performing contractors. High performing contractors are companies that excel in the five categories listed below and we internally rate our contractors based on that criteria. If you’d like to be considered as a Project CSI contractor, request a “Contractor Company Profile ” on our Contact Us page.






We most often engage contractors that offer the following services:

Canopy Construction

Canopy Fascia

Gas Dispenser Imaging


General Construction

The Steps

Install the App

A. The Project CSI Survey App is utilized to capture information for projects at sites we are managing. The App allows the capture of photos, measurements, counts and other pieces of data. Project CSI contractors make heavy use of the app to satisfy the communication, safety and scheduling requirements of our projects.

B. All foreman should install the Project CSI App before stepping foot on a job site for Project CSI for the first time.

C. The Project CSI Survey App is available on the Apple App Store ™ and the Google Play Store ™.

D. The first user from your company will be asked to tell us your Base of Operation and the services your company offers.

Document your Safety Program

A. Use the Contact Us form to supply your company’s safety program documentation.

B. API Certification - Project CSI requires all crew members working at a site to have passed the API WorkSafe “Service Station Contractor Safety Qualification Program” and have a valid, non-expired WorkSafe Safety Key.

C. Job Safety Documentation – Project CSI requires the performance and real-time submission of a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and/or a Job Clearance Form (JCF) when work commences each day and as site conditions warrant. JSAs and JCFs are reviewed for quality and completeness.

D. Periodic Safety Moment bulletins may be published through the Project CSI App and when published must be completed by each crew member prior to work each day.

Sign the Master Services Agreement

A. Use this Contact Us form to request an electronic copy of the Master Service Agreement (MSA)

B. The MSA defines the contractual agreement between Project CSI and its contractors.

C. The MSA spells out the safety and insurance requirements of each contractor in the Project CSI network.

D. An MSA must be signed before a Purchase Order can be issued authorizing work.

Be Insured

A. Maintain insurance of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 in aggregate covering liability.

B. Maintain an umbrella policy of $2,000,000

C. Meet the insurance requirements as outlined in Section 8 of the Master Service Agreement.

D. Supply your company’s Certificate of Insurance, naming Project CSI as an additional insured, through this Contact Us form.