Nice to meet you. We’re Project CSI.

Project CSI is a construction and site maintenance management company specializing in surveying, permitting, construction and installation of branded signage, as well as the development and implementation of multi-site maintenance projects for retail locations. Our customers include oil companies, quick service restaurants and convenience store operators. Project CSI manages projects across the United States from its headquarters in Fishers, Indiana.

Project CSI by the Real Time Numbers


Project CSI has a network of 1,021 companies in 50 states across the United States. Our network of companies specializing in gas station price signs, gas station forecourt imaging, gas station canopy construction, canopy lights, site maintenance, electricians, painters, and general handymen. The contractors we hire are vetted for safety, quality of work, communication, capacity, and price competitiveness.

Project CSI maintains a robust contractor ranking database where contractors are scored based on the five criteria:






Our “5 star” contractors are the top of our list when we need to mobilize crews for a program.


Project CSI surveyors utilize our app, Project CSI Survey, to collect site specific information such as photos, measurements and counts of site attributes. Project CSI has a network of 1,545 users in 50 states across the United States. This network of users includes construction tradespeople, sign installers, field managers, surveyors and safety auditors. These users collectively have submitted 38,412 surveys which we house in a secured, cloud-based database. The Project CSI app is available on the Apple App Store ™ and the Google Play Store ™.


Project CSI has an in-house, dedicated permit procurement team working full-time to procure permits for our projects. Permit team members are a special mix of talent, combining a dogged, persistent “people person” personality with an engineering background and a technical bent. Our permit team is currently procuring permits at an average of 36.7 days. CSI has managed the procurement of permits in 224 of the 382 “Metropolitan Statistical Areas” in the United States.