About Us

Image is Everything!

Your image must not only be on brand, but it also must create an awesome customer experience. This should be communicated in every aspect of the interior and exterior of your brick-and-mortar retail locations.

Project CSI specializes in the procurement and management of your brand’s multi-site imaging projects.

Whether your project consists of a simple refresh, a remodel, or a full conversion, our customers leverage our robust surveying and data collection technology and our vast, nationwide network of 1,288 contractors, surveyors and companies to get the job done… on time and on budget.

Our services include surveying and site assessments, permitting, construction management, technical graphic renderings, installation of signage and fixtures, as well as the development and implementation of multi-site maintenance programs. Learn more about Our Services.

Why Partner with Project CSI?

Here’s just a few of the benefits of trusting us with your next project:

  • Technology ~ Our proprietary Project CSI Survey App replaces outdated paper surveys giving you the most up-to-date data for each of your retail locations for use on your current projects and for any future queries.
  • Speed-to-Market ~ Time is money. Our ability to mobilize 1,288 crew members across the entire U.S. means less down time for your site.
  • Peace of Mind ~ No need for you to dedicate the necessary resources, personnel and time to manage your projects. Our Project Management teams take care of every aspect of your program or project, making sure every location meets your expectations.
  • Brand Advocacy ~ We are brand image experts! This means we have detailed knowledge of both the process and the images, assuring that your site is on time, on budget and on brand.