7-Eleven New Beverage Platform Installation

7-Eleven convenience stores are introducing a new dispensed beverage platform with the installation of touchscreen machines that pour custom coffee beverages to order. Additionally, many locations are also receiving new equipment to offer more prepared grab and go hot food options.

7-Eleven beverage dispensers
7-Eleven’s new beverage dispensers in action


  • Conduct pre-survey of the current fixtures, electrical and plumbing, to include measurements and photos
  • Receive as-built plans and conduct pre-construction meeting on site
  • Schedule and secure new beverage machines to be delivered to our local warehouses
  • Distribute new machines to stores to be installed along with dumpsters via our trucks
  • Removal and disposal of existing food and beverage equipment and store fixtures + recycle as needed
  • Installation of 3 to 4 new touchscreen beverage dispenser machines
  • Install new hot dog roller grills, as well as new warmers and ovens for baked pizza and cookies
  • Conduct close-out survey to verify all work to be executed to brand’s expectations


The project turnaround is approximately 7 to 8 weeks depending on each location’s scope. Project CSI conducts a pre-construction meeting with the 7-Eleven Construction Team and Store Operator at each site 6 weeks in advance. Of utmost importance for Store Operators is to have as little disruption to business as possible during the entire process.

Our actual interruption at the store level is minimal. Project CSi’s onsite crews include a Project Site Superintendent, Site Lead, Lead Carpenter, General Laborers, a Plumber and an Electrician that collectively remove all existing equipment, dispose of it and install new equipment, plumbing and electrical in just 2 days. The third day is reserved for a site meeting with all parties to review the work completed and create a punch list if needed.

Project CSI’s attention to detail and constant communication with the 7-Eleven Brand and Store Operators along every step of the project is what sets us apart on this program. “We want the Store Operators to understand that our team is doing this work ‘for them’, not ‘to them”, said Elizabeth Lokay, Project CSI’s Project Manager on the account.