Store Profiling

Store Profiling Surveys

Do you know how many windows each of your store locations has? How many cash registers are there? Are there light poles in your parking lots? Does this location serve Coca-Cola or Pepsi products? Unfortunately, not all of your retail stores across the U.S. are the same footprint nor provide the same product offerings. This can be a real challenge for Brand Marketers that are investing millions of dollars in the production and distribution of point-of-purchase (POP) advertising materials, displays, and sales collateral that are likely just ending up in the trash because there is nowhere to place them or they are simply irrelevant to that location.

Our Project CSI Survey App Developers work with your team to design and execute a customized Store Profile Survey that helps Marketers and Store Operators capture the most accurate and up-to-date location-based, store profiling intelligence. Then, our Survey Team coordinates our nationwide network of over 2,000 trained Surveyors to perform the surveys for you and review them for accuracy. We can capture any aspect of your site details via a combination of high resolution photos, measurements and Q&A; all of which can be uploaded to your data collection systems, allowing you to make more intelligent purchasing decisions now and in the future.

Merchandising & Store Audit Surveys

Add to this already complex challenge the fact that many of these same marketing materials never make it to the intended location, are obsolete by the time they arrive, or are never even installed at the store level. You could have the most creative campaign in your brand’s history, but if no one ever sees it, how would you know?

That’s where our Merchandising and Store Auditing Surveys come into play. Once again, our nationwide Surveyor network can capture the information via photos and/or a questionnaire format utilizing the Project CSI Survey app so that you can be assured that your campaign is executed, or displayed, or even priced properly in-store.

In summary, our surveying solutions assure brand compliance and save you money on your marketing consumables. Learn more about our Project CSI Survey Technology or Contact Us today for a demo.