ExxonMobil Rolls Out Synergy Fuel Imaging

ExxonMobil partnered with Project CSI to manage and execute the roll out of its new Synergy fuel and forecourt imaging across its network of Exxon and Mobil branded sites, as well as any new to industry (NTI) sites in the United States.

ExxonMobil Synergy site
ExxonMobil Synergy Fuel branded forecourt fixtures


  • Conduct pre-survey to capture photos and the dimensions of all areas on the site to be re-imaged: main ID/price sign, canopy, forecourt area and dispensers
  • Develop brand book indicating how the new image will look once completed
  • Develop project scope based on survey
  • Manage the imaging material needs for the site
  • Determine any painting and/or repair needs to include bollards, canopy columns, decking, dispenser islands and sign poles
  • Determine number, size and imaging needs of the dispensers, as well as fuel types dispensed
  • Canopy construction considerations
  • Secure signage permits and attend variance meetings as needed
  • Install new Synergy branded fixtures at the pump area: waves, blades, pump wedges and koalas
  • Remove and install new signage: canopy logo and graphics and new Main ID/Price sign inserts
  • Conduct close-out survey to verify all work to be executed to Store Operator and Brand standards


Project CSI has completed over 250 ExxonMobil sites in the past 2 years and we continue to perform this work even through today’s Covid-19 climate.

“The most important aspects of this project really come at the onset of the project with obtaining accurate dimensions and photos within the pre-survey via our Project CSI Survey App,” said Leah Smith, Project CSI’s Project Manager on the account. Surveyors undergo an ExxonMobil Synergy specific training and must pass the test 100% before they can execute the survey. Additionally, our Survey Coordinators review every survey for completeness and accuracy before signage and fixture production begins.

Our installation team completes this work in an average of 3 days start to finish. And, our teams are able to finish the entire project; from survey, to permit to installation and close-out survey, in and average of 26 days faster than our competitors, which means Brand Wholesalers get paid sooner!