Surveying Technology

Project CSI Survey App

Our nationwide network of Project CSI Surveyors utilizes our proprietary app, called Project CSI Survey, to collect site specific information for each of your store locations. Our internal App Developers customize each survey to accommodate many types of technical and non-technical data depending on your unique needs. Our database of trained Surveyors includes 2,013 app users that have submitted well over 50,000 surveys to date. Here are just a few of the vast ways that our surveys can be designed to help you better plan and execute your multi-site roll-out projects:

  • Photos ~ A picture is worth a thousand words. Quickly identify and assess the current condition of each retail location with high-resolution photos. What is the current condition of the exterior sign cabinets? Where in the store is the hot dog heater thingie? Did the store personnel display the POP/POS marketing kit properly… if at all? Are the customer loyalty program applications displayed? Is there a car wash on site?
  • Measurements ~ What are the dimensions of the existing canopy over the gas dispensers? What is the available space on the wall behind the Pharmacy? What size are the store windows?
  • Site Attributes and Counts ~ How many gas dispensers need re-branded? How many store windows are there to display your marketing materials? How many cash registers? Are there exterior light poles? Are the lights working?
  • Punch Lists ~ Once your project is completed, we’ll send our surveyors back to the site to capture photos of the work so you can be assured everything is completed to your satisfaction.
  • Merchandising Assets ~ Are the newest marketing campaign’s POP/POS materials displayed as planned? Are they displayed at all?

Our Survey Team

Our Survey Department manages a network of 2,013 Surveyors across the United States that have collectively submitted over 50,000 surveys. which we house in a secured, cloud-based database. All the data and high resolution photos from each site are housed in a secured, cloud-based database available to our customers to download and use at their disposal. Once your survey is completed at the store level our Team is notified immediately that it is ready to be reviewed for completeness and accuracy. Once approved the survey file is then shared with our customer saving them countless hours and manpower.

Rest assured that our Surveyors are only given access to the specific survey that they were contracted to perform.

Virtual 3D Surveys

Armed with the latest and greatest 360° camera technology, our Surveyors capture a virtual tour of the interior and exterior of your store. Use this data to generate an up-to-date as-built drawing or simply click an object for an assessment of its condition, equipment identification, find a quick measurement within the space, and more. The accurate point cloud data can be used to generate CAD, Revit, or Sketch-up models of your store. Remotely share the virtual tour of your space with your development teams and your vendors and vastly increase your speed-to-market.