Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Global Electric Vehicle (EV) sales increased 168% from 2019 to 2021. With the number of EVs on the road skyrocketing, a convenient place to charge an EV is becoming one of the major needs customers and residents are demanding across the country.


Design, permit and install EV charging stations as revenue sources and service level enhancements to include:

  • Conduct pre-survey to capture photos and the dimensions of all areas on the site where charging station(s) will be installed
  • Develop project scope based on survey and set expectations with client
  • Identify and procure incentives to cut costs (incentives vary widely by state and local jurisdiction as well as by utility company)
  • Secure permits and attend variance meetings as needed
  • Partner with utility company to complete any required upgrades
  • Install new EV charging station(s)
  • Paint EV charging identifiers and Re-stripe parking spaces if needed
  • Conduct close-out survey to verify all work executed to standards


Project CSI offers a turnkey solution, walking our clients through every step of the project from site analysis to installation. Our team will handle the design, permitting, incentive research, site prep and installation of your new EV charging station. Project CSI has partnered with the top EV charging station manufacturers and distributors to provide our clients with the best available options to suit their personal goals