ExxonMobil SIMM Program

How can Project CSI reduce your site’s imaging completion time?

ExxonMobil Synergy site


In 2017, ExxonMobil partnered with Project CSI to help manage and execute the rollout of its new Synergy fuel and forecourt imaging across its network of Exxon and Mobil branded sites, as well as any new to industry (NTI) sites in the United States. Project CSI was instrumental in helping ExxonMobil with the Synergy rollout by developing and executing an installation training program for Branded Wholesalers and Contractors across the US. To date, we have installed nearly 500 Exxon Mobil sites, both for Synergy upgrades, and for full conversion work. Project CSI also developed and implemented the completion survey utilized in every Synergy conversion.  


We know the image and the process, and will manage all aspects of your site conversion or upgrade. Our experience around the ExxonMobil image and protocol gives you a leg up in streamlining the process, avoids unnecessary return trips, and reduces overall time to full completion.

We also know that the most important aspects of a successful project come at the beginning – when obtaining accurate dimensions, complete site data and high resolution photos within the pre-survey via our Project CSI Survey App. Surveyors undergo an ExxonMobil Synergy specific training and must pass the test 100% before they can execute the survey. Additionally, our Survey Coordinators review every survey for completeness and accuracy prior to ordering materials. Without accurate and complete data, valuable time can be lost and expensive mistakes can be made.


  • Conduct pre-survey to capture photos and the dimensions of all areas on the site to be re-imaged: main ID/price sign, canopy, forecourt area and dispensers
  • Determine number, size and imaging needs of the dispensers, as well as fuel types dispensed
  • Develop project scope based on survey, including site prerequisites
  • Develop brand book indicating how the new image will look once complete
  • Secure signage permits and attend variance meetings when needed
  • Manage the material needs for the site to include coordination, tracking, receiving and inventory management
  • Manage/implement imaging scope, as well as painting and/or repair needs to include bollards, canopy fascia, decking, dispenser islands and sign poles
  • Install all branding components
  • Conduct close-out survey to verify work completion and deliver survey link

Our installation teams can typically install a full conversion in an average of 3 days start to finish. And, our teams are able to finish the entire project – from survey, to permit to installation and close-out survey, in an average of 26 days faster overall than our competitors.

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