Safety Protocol

Our Safety Initiatives

Safety First! All workers are trained to mitigate risks and hazards and ensure compliance with laws, plans, programs and policies/procedures required by OSHA, Project CSI, LLC and their customers.

ISNetworld® Certification ~ Our workers must meet these safety program compliance requirements.

API Certification ~ Project CSI requires all crew members working at a petroleum site to have passed the API WorkSafe Contractor Safety Program training.

OSHA Compliant Training ~ Safety training, retraining and documentation for each worker based on their scope of work, tasks and/or operations to ensure compliance with OSHA. These may include:

  • First Aid/CPR Certifications
  • OSHA Training Certifications
  • Forklift & Crane Operator Certifications
  • National Safety Council and other training certifications

Job Safety Analysis (JSA) ~ Project CSI requires the performance and real-time submission of a JSA when work commences each day and as site conditions warrant. This includes scope of work, tasks, steps, hazards and controls. JSAs are submitted via the Project CSI Survey App and reviewed internally for quality and completeness by our Director of Safety.

HAZCOM ~ Programs with inventory lists/Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for any hazardous substances or chemicals on site must be available to workers. Proof of these documents are submitted via the Project CSI Survey App and reviewed by our Director of Safety.

Equipment and Personal Safety Inspections ~ Project CSI requires documentation and photos showing that proper safety attire and safety equipment is being used on the job site. This information is submitted on the Project CSI Survey App for review by our Director of Safety.

COVID-19 Protocol ~ Project CSI has established protocol for all workers in the field as well as exposure, prevention and response documentation.